So after 15 years in This business I can endorse this list without question. Although there are many more than this , here is a list to get you started…..

  • Keyword stuffing

If it looks like you’re trying to really really get someone to your page for a keyword Google knows this and thinks your spam

  • Presenting a Poor Internal Link Structure.
  • Creating Content for Content’s Sake. Also when you create unique content don’t list it over and over again throughout your website it is better to have one page.
  • Not listening to Google winning give you the roadmap for SEO in Google Webmaster tools.
  • Not Investing in Link-Worthy Content.
  • Failing to optimize media , that is all images , video , etc.
  • Failing to Reach Customers with Your Content. …
  • Optimizing for the Wrong Keywords. Or even worse optimizing for words no one ever searches for.

• Not Consulting Paid Media. …

• Forgetting About Local.